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West Palm Beach Tax

If you transact business within the city of West Palm Beach you need a Business Tax Receipt. The West Palm Beach tax is for new businesses including home based businesses.  A Local Business Tax Receipt is a miscellaneous tax imposed by local government, in accordance with county ordinance, which also charges the Tax Collector with the responsibility of collection and disbursement of fees. The Local Business Tax Receipt grants the privilege of engaging in or managing a business. Failure to obtain a local business tax receipt could result in penalties up to 25%.

When you submit your application you need to include a copy of:

  • Articles of Incorporation registered in the State of Florida (if applicable)
  • Fictitious name registered in the State of Florida (if applicable)
  • Business tax receipt for business located outside city limits
  • State license, Florida bar card
  • State license for alcohol and or food
  • Division of highway and motor vehicles (state license if applicable)
  • Bill os sale is change of owner
  • 501(c)(3) under business names
  • Original Palm Beach County application

There are various steps that must be followed:

  • Obtain a PCN number online at the property appraiser’s website
  • get approval from the City of West Palm Beach Zoning Department
  • The Development Services Department then inspects the application and signs off (if necessary). A change of occupancy or any alterations to the building interior, exterior or signage may require a permit.
  • Inspection by the Fire Department (if applicable)
  • Inspection by the Code Enforcement Department (if applicable)
  • Approval of the City of West Palm Beach Police department (if applicable)