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West Palm Beach Tax Office

You have found me because there is a tax issue that is on your mind. Did you remember to handle your west palm beach tax obligations? Every business needs to pay attention to local business tax. Even if you have a home based business you may still need to pay local tax. If you are not in west palm beach you can get local tax information on surrounding cities on the local tax section.

You are probably wondering: Can I handle my tax issues on my own? Does the benefit of hiring an attorney outweigh the costs associated with representation? These are some of the questions you can get answered with a personal consultation. My office is centrally located so clients from West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Greenacres and Royal Palm Beach can find me easily on State Road 7.

Whether you are a business or individual, I can help you work through the process of dealing with your tax issues. If you are a busy professional I can guide you through a phone consultation. From there, we can work remotely or I can evaluate your business on site. My goal is to make the process of realigning your business with your tax responsibilities as seamless as possible.

When you work with me you will get personalized attention. There are no secretaries or associates to buffer our interaction. You need a question answered just call me directly. I will address and work with you based on your preferences. I love working with small businesses because whether you know it or not handling your tax issues may be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. How?

Well, Jeff (one of my clients) started with just a laptop and a dream to sell custom clothing in a city he just moved to but a few months ago. He had no idea or desire to do the intricacies of daily business activities. He hired me to help him set up and streamline his processes and keep him on the straight and narrow tax path. It took a lot of sleepless nights, trial and error to automate processes, and changing his business entity as revenues grew. But, now he sells to professional athletes and makes a healthy six figures. And better yet, he loves what he does every day.

There is no need to go through business growing pains alone. A tax attorney can help you grow your bottom line by structuring your business entity for maximum profits. Also, a tax attorney can give you attorney client privilege to help you work out the kinks with confidentiality. Plus, if the Internal Revenue Service sends you a certified letter in the mail for a tax audit you have a lawyer on hand who already knows the ins and out of your business. So go ahead and tell the auditor “talk to my tax attorney.” Then, you can go on to enjoy the other aspects of your life knowing everything is being handled.