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Wellington Tax

Any person who maintains a permanent business location or branch office in Wellington must have a local business tax receipt. The Wellington tax according to Ordinance #98-19 is for the privilege of conducting business within the Village of Wellington’s jurisdiction. All businesses including home based ones must comply with the Ordinance’s requirements. Any person who provides merchandise, entertainment, or services to the public, even if only a one person company must obtain a local business tax receipt to operate. If you already have a local business tax receipt and are changing the location of your business, you must submit a new application and include your current local business tax receipt.

Any person who is engaged in two or more trades, vocations, businesses or professions is required to pay a receipt tax for each separate line of trade, business, vocation or profession. In some cases, each professional of a business is required to pay a local business tax receipt (i.e. physicians, dentists etc.).

If you are a non-profit corporation you are not required to obtain a County Local Business Tax Receipt but a Wellington Local Business Tax Receipt is still required but no fee is charged.

Additional requirements for certain businesses

  • If your profession or occupation is regulated by the Fla. State Department of Business and Professional Regulation you must attach a copy of your current certification, registration or license to this application.
  • A Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt (“BTR”) is required in addition to the Wellington BTR. Please attach a copy of the Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt, or a PBC BTR application.
  • All food service businesses must obtain approval from the Fla. State Division of Hotel and Restaurants. You are required to attach a copy of the approved inspection report to this application.
  • Childcare facilities are required to be approved by the Palm Beach County Health Department. A copy of the license must be attached to this application.
  • Food outlets, auto repair, travel agencies, telemarketers, health and dance (ballroom) studios must submit a permit, registration or exemption from the Florida State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • Certified contractors must attach a copy of a Florida State and/or Palm Beach County Certification.
  • If your business is based within the incorporated boundaries of Wellington, you are required to possess a Wellington Business Tax Receipt. If your business is not based within the boundaries of Wellington, you must submit a copy of a Business Tax Receipt from the county or municipality where your business is based for registration of your license with Wellington.
  • Banks, mortgage brokers, finance companies and stockbrokers must be registered with the State Comptroller, Florida Department of Banking and Finance. Attach a copy of the state, federal or national license showing the proper business location as stated on this application.