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Conservation Easement Tax Deduction

A conservation easement tax deduction may significantly lower your tax bill. But, without a tax attorney’s advice you may end up like Mr. and Mrs. Belk. The Belks contributed 184 acres of a golf course to a qualified organization expecting a conservation easement tax deduction. But instead, they got an audit and a large tax bill. Your charitable contributions are important. You can help others while helping yourself. You can file all the right forms. And still, get your deduction denied by the IRS. A tax attorney can help you manage your charitable contribution to get your conservation easement tax deduction. The Belk’s conservation easement tax deduction story: The conservation easement agreement permitted them to change what real property was subject to the conservation easement. The Belks claimed a $10,524,000 charitable deduction on Form 1065 (U.S. Return of Partnership Income). Their Form 8283 listed the appraised fair market value of the conservation easement at $10,524,000. The Belks claimed the contribution deduction on their Schedule A Itemized Deductions and carried...

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